Ron Hebb's Background

I, Ron Hebb, am a Washington County, MD native by birth. 

I was born at the Washington County Hospital in Hagerstown, MD and raised in Williamsport, Maryland.  

I have been a lifelong lover of martial arts.

As a youth, I played sports throughout my school days. My sports involvement kept me from pursuing martial arts training.

This meant my love of martial arts was realized through watching tons of martial arts movies.

It wasn't until my competitive playing days ended that I finally began my formal martial arts training.

This was in 1988.

I began teaching for the first time in 2001.

The Martial Seeds Are Planted

As a youngster, I watched Kung Fu Theater on Sundays. 

It was this watching that exposed me to Bruce Lee.

After watching Bruce Lee, I also read about him. 

As I grew up and continued to watch and research Bruce Lee, I learned that his original art was Wing Chun Gung Fu and that he later created Jeet Kune Do.

I dreamed of studying both of these arts one day!  

My school days consisted primarily of academic studies and athletics, which did not leave time for martial arts. 

Despite being an athlete all throughout my K-12 education, my passion for martial arts never waned.

The Journey Begins - The Hershberger Era

My martial arts journey technically began during my undergraduate days when I started training in an eclectic style of “Korean Karate” under the guidance of Greg Hershberger, a student of former Hagerstown, MD Police Chief Paul Wood.

I trained privately with Greg Hershberger for a little more than three years. 

While I learned much, the three lessons that had lasting impressions on me involved earning rank, enduring contact in training, and working hard on the fundamentals, which serve as the foundation that supports the development of future skills.

The Journey Involves A Journey - Terlaje Time

The next stage of my journey involved a very brief stint of Chinese Kempo training on the island of Guam under the supervision of Ralph Terlaje.

While I only trained for approximately two months due to the nature of my work assignment, I learned much.  

I learned to empty my cup and start fresh. 

I also learned a great deal about environmental awareness in self-defense. 

Lastly, I experienced the exceptional organization of the Universal Kempo Karate Association, which taught me valuable lessons in the business of martial arts.  

The Journey Leads To Bruce Lee's Beginnings - The Jackson Decade 

Next up was approximately ten years of training in Wing Chun Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do concepts under Sifu Wayne Jackson.  

This was a high point along my road of progress.

My striking, trapping, and flowing skills improved markedly.  

I established myself as one of Sifu Jackson’s most dedicated students.  

In time, I began teaching the advanced class.

Many valuable lessons were gleaned from my time with Sifu Wayne.

My prowess as a student really blossomed as I learned to diligently and effectively dissect videos to grasp new techniques and principles. 

I learned to hold pads exceptionally well enabling me to provide outstanding training opportunities for other students to improve striking combinations.  

Lastly, I learned the value of real friendships as I formed lifelong bonds with guys who shared a passion for martial arts and training.   

The Journey Kicks Into High Gear - The Magda Magnification

My journey kicked into high gear when I started training in Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Pentjak Silat under the expert tutelage of Sifu / Guro Cass Magda.  

This stage of my journey and the training I received and continue to receive eclipses all other stages and training. 

This stage is the Mount Apo, Mount Jayawijaya and Doi Inthanon combined!

In many ways, this stage has begun my journey again!  

While the benefits are too plentiful to mention all, a few will suffice.  

I continue to learn how to put philosophies and principles into action.

I have become a part of an organization and a family that produces high-quality martial artists and even higher quality human beings.  

Lastly, through my connection with Guro Cass, I have been welcomed into the homes and schools of Silat masters in Thailand and Malayisa - Master O'ong Maryono in Thailand in 2008 and Professor Jak Othman in Malaysia in 2004.

This stage of my journey has sparked a new period of growth and development in my personal and professional lives.  

Earning the right to be recognized as a Magda Institute Association certified professional is one of my proudest accomplishments to date. 

The guidance, training, and support of my teacher, Sifu / Guro Cass Magda, ensures my continued professional development. 

Additionally, it assures my students that they are getting the same high-quality programs that are taught at the Magda Institute headquarters.

Thailand Training

Ever since my first trip to Thailand in 2004 I dreamed of training Muay Thai in the motherland.

I got a small taste of this dream in 2009, when I completed a two-hour private training session at Muay Thai Institute in Rangsit, Thailand.

That small taste made me hungry for more.

In 2011, I completed the Institute's 40-hour Muay Thai 1 training course. After completing the Institute's training and testing requirements, I received a certificate of completion.

In 2015, I completed the Institute's 40-hour Muay Thai 2 training course. After completing the Institute's training and testing requirements, I received a certificate of completion.

In the future, I hope to do more training at Muay Thai Institute Rangsit.

Indonesia Training

So far, my only Indonesian travels have been to the island of Batam twice during visits to Singapore.

Given that our Silat is rooted in the Sundanese Highlands of west Java, I’d like to visit more of Indonesia.

I'm hoping that I can accompany my good friend, Mike Tasman (a senior Magda Institute student and teacher), during one of his return visits to his homeland with the hope of engaging in some training.

Malaysia Training

Ever since I first met Professor Jak Othman in Malaysia, I have longed to return to train with him.

During my previous visit, we discussed his Harimau Berantai Silat system.

I also had the pleasure of watching Professor Jak demonstrate some of the buah of his system.

One day I hope to fulfill this longing.

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