Muay Thai Ceremonies

While the uninitiated may be surprised by Muay Thai ceremonies, those who understand Thai culture grasp their significance.

The Thai people have always deeply respected their teachers regardless of the discipline taught.

This deep respect is the root that gives bloom to the ceremonial blossoms that are Yok Kru, Wai Kru and Ram Muay.

Yok Kru

The first of the Muay Thai ceremonies is the Yok Kru.

In short, the Yok Kru is a ceremonial offering from a prospective student to the master from whom he seeks knowledge and wisdom.

Typical offerings include incense sticks and candles, but money and other objects could be given as well.

What is given depends on the master’s requirements.

If the prospective student’s offerings are accepted by the master, the student will be initiated into the master’s fighting method.

Wai Kru

The Wai Kru ceremony involves displaying and paying respect by performing Ram Muay in the ring before a fight. 

Respect is paid to the King; Queen; royalty; master(s), teacher(s), trainer(s); parents; opponent; crowd; one’s self; and all others respected. 

More specifically, it demonstrates one’s respect and gratitude to the teachers who have conferred knowledge and wisdom upon him.

Ram Muay

The Ram Muay is a pre-fight dance ritual.

Ram Muay means the way of Muay Thai dancing or the way of Muay Thai movement.

The objectives for Ram Muay are plentiful. 

They include:

  • Paying homage and tribute to teachers and those to whom gratitude is due

  • Consecrating a blessing on the fighter

  • Lessening the excitement and stress before starting the bout

  • Increasing concentration and boosting morale

  • Surveying the ring floor

  • Greeting and intimidating or threatening the opponent

  • Finding the weak points of the opponent

  • Stretching and warming up the body

  • Increasing enthusiasm

  • Showing the origin of the boxer (identifying his camp)

In short, Ram Muay is a clever way to mentally and physically prepare for battle.

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