Martial Arts Affiliation

If you’re here, you’re interested in learning more about my martial arts affiliation.

Being connected to a relevant association helps me to ensure that martial arts remain one of my areas of expertise in the realm of movement.

Maintaining this expertise enables me to sustain my efforts in promoting martial arts as a means to achieving the life you deserve – a livened and lengthened life.

If you’ve visited the home page, you know that’s my WHY.

I am eager to engage with people who are motivated to liven and lengthen their lives through martial arts!

What does my martial arts affiliation look like?


This does not refer to missing in action!

Magda Institute Association

This association and this community of martial arts students and professionals comprise the sum total of my current martial arts affiliation.

My affiliation with the MI Association dates back to 2002 / 2003. My introduction to this Association occurred in 2002, but my affiliation began in 2003.

Over the years, this affiliation has benefitted me in many ways. The three things I have most taken advantage of include:

  • Training opportunities

  • Program and curriculum guidance

  • Connections to martial arts leaders around the world


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Training Opportunities

Training opportunities include camps, conferences, seminars,  and workshops.

I have participated in both professional and private capacities.

Professional participation occurs when my training is related to my full-time career or enhances my knowledge, skills, and / or abilities to teach the Magda curriculum.

Private participation occurs when my training is driven by my own self-interest. This type of participation always benefits my professional development as well.

These training opportunities have blessed me with opportunities to learn from legends such as Richard Bustillo, Ted Wong, Tim Tackett, Bob Bremer, and Larry Hartsell.

Program & Curriculum Guidance

My martial arts affiliation with the MI Association affords me program and curriculum guidance.

Program guidance involves the Cultural Program, as well as the Phase Program.

Curriculum guidance involves the various material that comprises a given training level.

Connections to Global Leaders

I have been a world traveler since 1994.

Like martial arts, travel is a passion of mine.

Thanks to my martial arts affiliation with the MI Association, these two passions have enhanced each other.

In 2004, I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with Professor Jak Othman at his school in Malaysia.

In 2008, I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with O'ong Maryono at his residence in the Ekkamai area of Bangkok, Thailand.

The Path to Liveliness & Longevity

Your martial arts journey with me begins with a single step.

That single step is to take action!

Our martial arts plan of attack for your single step actually includes three steps:

  1. Connect with us – usually an Email or a phone call

  2. Engage with us – read a report or try a seminar

  3. Join our community – become a member of our community