What Makes The Magda Institute Association So Special?

The Magda Institute Association or MI Association, for short, is a world-class organization that is headquartered in Reseda, California - a suburb of Los Angeles.

If you're the kind of person who likes to associate with industry leaders, we have a special martial arts organization for you.

What makes it so special?

Its' founder.


Philosophy and professionalism.

Network of schools.

Family feel.

The Founder

The Magda Institute was founded by Sifu Cass Magda in 1988.

Seven years later, in 1995, the Magda Institute Association was officially launched.

The founder's martial arts pedigree is second to none.

He is a 2nd generation, direct lineage student of Bruce Lee who was personally trained by Dan Inosanto. While under Inosanto's tutelage, Magda traveled throughout the world and assisted Inosanto with his teaching for many years.

His Filipino and Indonesian martial arts pedigrees are equally impressive, having trained with many masters and in many styles.


When Sifu Cass founded the Magda Institute and the Magda Institute Association, he did so with the following objectives in mind:

  • To preserve, incorporate and promulgate the true historical, cultural and philosophical Filipino - Indonesian - Malaysian Martial Art combative forms and techniques.

  • To research and preserve significant teachings of these indigenous art forms.

  • To develop committed, devoted individuals capable of transmitting the various Martial Arts Systems of the Magda Institute.

  • To develop and produce individuals who are dedicated to excellence in the Martial Arts.

  • To raise the consciousness of the Martial Arts community and general public regarding the various Martial Arts Systems practiced at the Magda Institute as they are relatively unknown.

  • To preserve and expand the concepts, attitudes, philosophies and training methods of Bruce Lee's original Jeet Kune Do.

Philosophy & Professionalism

Sifu Cass is not simply a martial artist who teaches martial arts. He is a world-renowned teacher who teaches his students that martial arts are the ultimate vehicle for personal growth and development.

The philosophies of the martial arts systems that he teaches are visible in many forms. For starters, there's the Magda Institute Association fighting philosophy that teaches, "You Are the Director, Your Opponent is the Directee."

Philosophy blends with professionalism to highlight two additional examples.

The "Apple-a-Day" philosophy is one such example.

From a philosophical standpoint, an apple a day represents the principle of accumulation. By doing a little bit of something each, a snowball effect is created and you reap massive benefits due to the cumulative effect of your daily efforts. In martial arts training, the seemingly minor training habits done daily accumulate to create astonishing skill levels.

From a professional standpoint, the positive habits that you form and the principles that you internalize give you the confidence and tools to excel in your professional life as well.

Another example of this blend of philosophy and professionalism is the MI Association logos.

On the philosophical side, the logos represent many things. Some representations are apparent. Others show the depths hidden within.  

On the professional side, the logos are attractive and provoke curiosity.

Both of these characteristics add to a sense of professionalism.

For depictions and explanations see the MI Association logos.

Magda Institute Association Schools

The MI Association is an international martial arts organization with schools in the United States, England, Germany, and Italy.

Students are very fortunate to be a part of the MI Association family.

As an MI Association student, you hold a passport that enables you to train for one week (at no additional cost to you) at any MI Association school. 

All MI Association schools receive their curriculum from the Magda Institute.

The Magda Institute curriculum is a synthesis of martial arts with Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Silat forming the nucleus of the system. The training methods and techniques from other martial arts, such as Bersilat and Muay Thai are also seamlessly integrated into the training process.

All MI Association-recognized teachers receive direct training from Sifu Cass Magda.

For many teachers, the direct training comes from the regular international teachers conferences that the MI Association conducts as well as regular visits to each school from the founder himself - Sifu Cass.

Additionally, many teachers receive even more training by attending MI Association camps and seminars.

Family Feel

The MI Association has a family feel to it.

From my very first interactions with Magda Institute staff and students, I have felt the support and warmth of many.

This support and warmth truly gives the association a family feel.

It also provides all involved with a tremendously positive environment in which to develop and grow.

In nature, a high quality environment produces a strong, resilient plant or tree.

In life, a high quality environment produces a strong, resilient person.

The MI Association is certainly a high quality environment.


As you can tell, I am extremely fond of the MI Association.

I believe fondness can grow from familiarity.

With this in mind, I highly encourage you to explore the links on this page.

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