What is the Magda Institute Association Vision?

From the start, the Magda Institute Association vision focused on accomplishing three objectives.

  • Replication
  • Preservation
  • Development


Replication of the Magda Institute Association vision focused on spreading the Magda Institute model across the United States and Europe. 

He wanted students in either location (the U. S. or Europe) to be able to find the same thing (the same arts). 

He wanted students to be able to recognize it (the arts) as coming from the same tree (the Magda Institute). 

He wanted a Phase 2 class in Falling Waters, WV to be the same as a Phase 2 class in Stoke-on-Trent, England.


Preservation of the Magda Institute Association vision focused on passing on to other individuals, who are like-minded, the kind of QUALITY and CLARITY of what Sifu / Guru Cass teaches at the Magda Institute headquarters.


Development of the Magda Institute Association vision  focused on cultivating TEACHERS! 

Sifu / Guru Cass wanted individuals for the teacher development program who wanted to make martial arts a lifelong pursuit. 

He has a very personal and selective recruitment process for bringing new individuals into the teacher development program. 

This is to ensure that the teacher development program does not become an “instructor” program or a  “black belt.” 

An “instructor” is someone who teaches techniques (only) and counts to 10. 

An “instructor” may say, “I’m an ‘instructor’ now.  I’ve made it.” 

Since he’s “made it,” he stops growing and learning. 

A “black belt” may say “well, I’ve made it to black belt – I’m there now!” 

After “earning” his “black belt” he quits martial arts. 

Quitting may be literal or figurative. 

If he literally quits, he stops training in the martial arts because he feels he has already accomplished everything. 

He is now a master. 

Figuratively quitting is just as bad! 

This refers to the “black belt” who continues to train or, perhaps, simply teach once the “black belt” is attained, but does not learn any more. 

He, too, feels that he has mastered everything and has nothing more to learn. 

A Magda Institute Association teacher, no matter how knowledgeable and skilled, always seeks to increase the depth, and, perhaps, the breadth of his knowledge. 

He truly understands that the journey is unending! 

He is always searching for another way to grow, to get better, to renew himself. 

The best way to get better is to teach! 

Teaching increases your knowledge and your skill. 

Being a teacher is NOT a rank! 

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