What's the Meaning Behind the Magda Institute Association Logo?

The Magda Institute Association Logo is an extension of the association’s identity that communicates visually, through appearance, and emotionally, through symbolism.

Within the above logo, we see the following langkah:

  • tiga - the triangle,
  • empat - the square,
  • lima - the cross and
  • lingkaran - the circle.

Representative of All the Teachings

These are four major geometric figures that represent all of the teachings in the Magda Institute Association system. 

The figures also represent the separate systems that the Magda Institute Association trains. 

In Jeet Kune Do, we use the cross and the circle.  The circle is representative of the Yin / Yang. 

Kali makes heavy use of the triangle. 

Silat makes use of all of the diagrams! 

The triangle is the most frequently used langkah

The square is pretty common too, but its application can be slightly different as evidenced by its Harimau usage. 

Harimau makes heavy use of the circle and it uses the square (primarily as a “U”) too! 

The “tj” (old spelling) styles and the “c” (modern spelling) styles of Silat use the “U.” 

The geometric figures represent the physical, mental, psychological and philosophical aspects of all the arts that are practiced at the Magda Institute

The “MI” in the center of the logo represents the cohesive combination of the physical, mental, psychological and philosophical aspects of the arts.

The Sword in the Hand

The sword in the hand represents many things. 

The first representation is of the fighting kris. 

The Filipino Kris is the fighting Kris of Southeast Asia. 

It’s unique to Southeast Asia! 

The Magda Institute Association system is unique too because of the blended cohesiveness of JKD, Kali, and Silat into one system. 

Consequently, the uniqueness of the kris is a very fitting symbol to be included in the Magda Institute Association logo! 

The second representation ultimately involves an initiation. 

In Southeast Asian culture, the sword indicates a protector of society. 

When a young boy is given a sword and taught how to use it, the boy’s level of responsibility changes. 

The boy’s responsibility now includes being a protector of his family and his society. 

Symbolically, it represents a boy’s passage (initiation) into manhood in Southeast Asian culture. 

Within the context of the Magda Institute Association logo, the sword symbolically represents an initiation - an initiation into something higher! 

Students are introduced to a higher level of thinking, a higher level of practicing martial arts and a higher level of spirituality.

This leads students to search for a higher ideal, a higher philosophy that is achieved through increased knowledge and more astute thinking and a higher (more positive) attitude that fosters feelings of confidence and a positive outlook on life.

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