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Welcome to our Jeet Kune Do or JKD hub page.

Long before my first introduction to JKD, I was already enthralled with its legendary founder Bruce Lee.

As a kid, I grew up watching Bruce Lee movies.

His movies inspired me to read about him.

Both things combined to fuel my dream of studying Wing Chun Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do.

As fate or luck (you choose) would have it, my dad read me an article from the sports section of the newspaper one day in early 1996.

The article was about a local martial artist, Sifu Wayne Jackson, who had just hosted world-renowned Wing Chun Gung Fu teacher Sifu Randy Williams.

My Jeet Kune Do Introduction

Shortly thereafter, in March of 1996, I began the partial realization of my dream when I began studying Wing Chun and JKD under Sifu Wayne Jackson. 

It was a partial realization because the JKD that Sifu Wayne taught was not handed down from direct study. 

Despite its origins, I thoroughly enjoyed Sifu Wayne’s teachings and fully credit him with inspiring me to pursue authentic teachings.

A Childhood Dream Realized

From April 1996 to February 2008, I served as the Fitness Director for Headquarters Battalion, Headquarters Marine Corps, Henderson Hall in Arlington, Virginia.

As a martial arts enthusiast with a very supportive supervisor, I organized and hosted annual martial arts seminars aboard the installation.

It began with relatively local instructors, but eventually I broadened my search nationally.

Regardless of my instructor search radius, JKD was included every year.

While I met a couple of known instructors, it wasn't until the 2002 seminar that I hit the Jeet Kune Do jackpot.

This is when I had the great fortune of bringing in Sifu Cass Magda.

Sifu Cass was a Dan Inosanto protégé.

Dan Inosanto was one of only three men to ever be granted permission to teach JKD by Bruce Lee himself.

This meeting paved the way for me to fully realize my childhood dream as I began my authentic Jeet Kune Do training with Sifu Cass in the fall of 2002.

Positive & Negative

In all, I have been pursuing JKD knowledge since 1996.

am not alone!

Many people around the globe have been drawn to JKD thanks to the charisma and ability of its founder.

This worldwide attraction has been both positive and negative.

On the positive side, it has made JKD available to another generation of students thanks to incredible teachers like Sifu Cass Magda, Sifu Chris Kent, Sifu Tim Tackett, the late Sifu Dave Carnell, and the late Sifu Ted Wong.

On the negative side, JKD has been hijacked by many unscrupulous individuals seeking to capitalize on Bruce Lee’s fame. 

Many of these individuals teach a hodgepodge of techniques from a variety of martial arts and call it Jeet Kune Do. 

This representation creates misunderstanding amongst the masses and even amongst many lineage students. 

Having been on the receiving end of some faulty information I can personally attest to the fact that many people don’t truly understand what JKD is all about.


The purpose of this hub page is to offer opportunities to learn more JKD.  

It is intended to serve as a beneficial resource for anyone genuinely interested in JKD. 

If you are genuinely interested in this revolutionary fighting and philosophical method and our approach to it, you must take time to fully explore:

  • Bruce Lee JKD
  • Curriculum
  • Our Training Philosophy (coming soon)
  • Physical Techniques (coming soon)
  • Training Methodology (coming soon)
  • Philosophical Foundations (coming soon)
  • Personal Development (coming soon)

Have you finished your full exploration?

Insights, Fire & Research

If you've fully explored the links above, I’m hopeful that you have some new insights into Jeet Kune Do and our approach to it.

I’m also hopeful that your full exploration has ignited a passionate fire that will fuel your commitment to more fully understand this method.

The Jeet Kune Do information presented on this site is based on my personal views, thus it may not be in agreement with the views of others. 

I’m fine with that!

I don't want you to take my word for anything. 

To the contrary, I want you to conduct your own research.

Once you have conducted your research, I want you to critically analyze your own research. 

Lastly, I want you to form your own views.

Primary Objectives

In closing, I want you to fully understand my three primary objectives:

  1. To maximize my students’ potential by developing their self-defense skills, improving their physical fitness, providing them with a stress-relieving outlet, stimulating their personal growth and development, and fostering their commitment to lifelong learning. 

  2. To inform and educate the public about Jeet Kune Do.

  3. To offer genuinely interested individuals who are not my students a variety of beneficial resources that they can use to improve their proficiency in and understanding of Jeet Kune Do.

Service Area

Given our prime location, we are in an ideal position to serve the 4-state area of West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Here is a partial list of some of the cities and towns we serve:

  • Berkeley County, WV: Marlowe, Falling Waters, Martinsburg, and Hedgesville

  • Jefferson County, WV: Bolivar, Charles Town, Harpers Ferry, Ranson, and Shepherdstown

  • Washington County, MD: Williamsport, Hagerstown, Clear Spring, Funkstown, Sharpsburg, Keedysville, Boonsboro, Smithsburg, and Hancock
  • Frederick County, MD: Braddock Heights, Middletown, and Frederick

  • Franklin County, PA: Greencastle, Chambersburg, and Waynesboro

  • Frederick County, VA: Winchester

  • Morgan County, WV: Berkeley Springs

Thanks for checking out JKD!

Sifu Ron Hebb

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