Health and Wellness Proficiency

If you’re here, learning more about my health and wellness proficiency is of interest to you.

Beyond the realm of movement, I also possess expertise in the arena of health and wellness.

Living a healthy and well lifestyle is the absolute best way to achieve the life you deserve – a livened and lengthened life.

If you’ve visited the home page, you know that’s my WHY.

I am eager to engage with people who are motivated to live this type of lifestyle as a means to liven and lengthen their lives!

How have I honed my health and wellness proficiency?




Let’s start with my experience, which spans three to four decades, and includes both personal and professional health and wellness proficiency.

Personal Experience

I’ve been a health and wellness enthusiast since my early high school days, which began in 1983.

This enthusiasm began as a way for me to overcome the poor lifestyle choices of my family.

By the time I was a teenager, everyone in my family smoked; including my two older siblings.

All, except my mother also drank alcohol.

My enthusiasm continues to this day as a way for me to remain healthy and well, and to, hopefully, be a role model for my children.

Professional Experience

My professional experience began in 1994 when I completed a three-month internship at the Medical University of South Carolina’s Student Wellness Center.

This internship helped me fulfill part of my graduate degree program requirements.

One of my responsibilities was putting together a one-page “newsletter” for members.

Occasionally, I assisted with the walking club.

Most of my duties, however, were more fitness-related.

Since those beginnings, I have served as the:

  • Fitness Director at Headquarters Battalion, Headquarters Marine Corps, Henderson Hall,

  • Manager of Physical Training and Wellness at Frederick County Division of Fire & Rescue Services,

  • Exercise Physiologist at Westover Air Reserve Base, and

  • Health Promotion Program Coordinator for the Air Force

In my Fitness Director role, I oversaw a diverse program that included a large wellness element. The wellness element involved administering comprehensive wellness profiles, counseling individuals after reviewing profiles, and teaching related educational classes that pertained to both the elements of the wellness profile as well as the components of the Semper Fit health promotion program.

As the Manager of Physical Training and Wellness at Frederick County Division of Fire & Rescue Services, I oversaw a diverse program that included a small wellness component. The primary aspect of this component involved conducting station visits to educate members regarding elements of healthy living, such as healthy eating.

During my time as the Exercise Physiologist at Westover Air Reserve Base, I developed health- and wellness-related classes for the first responders on the base as a means for them to meet their mandated requirements regarding health and wellness.

As a Health Promotion Program Coordinator for the Air Force, it is my duty to increase awareness, deliver education, and integrate clinical services that relate to Tobacco Free Living, Healthy Weight and Nutritional Fitness, Physical Activity, and Sleep Optimization.

Contact Us


Another element of my health and wellness proficiency includes credentials, which I’m defining as certifications.

Over the years, certifications have included:

  • Health Promotion Director, 

  • LifeStyle Counselor for Weight Control and Stress Management, and 

  • Worksite Wellness Specialist

As with other certifications, my primary motivation was my internal drive to improve my knowledge, skills and abilities to become the best health and wellness professional that I could be.

My secondary motivation was to meet job requirements and fulfill continuing education mandates.

The Path to Liveliness & Longevity

Your health and wellness journey with me begins with a single step.

That single step is to take action!

Our health and wellness plan of attack for your single step actually includes three steps:

  1. Connect with us – usually an Email or a phone call

  2. Engage with us – read a report or try a seminar

  3. Join our community – become a member of our community