Health and Wellness Connections

So, my health and wellness connections are of interest to you? 

Being connected to relevant organizations helps me to ensure that health and wellness remain areas of expertise.

Maintaining this expertise enables me to sustain my efforts in promoting healthy and well lifestyles as a means to achieving the life you deserve – a livened and lengthened life.

If you’ve visited the home page, you know that’s my WHY.

I am eager to engage with people who are motivated to live healthy and well as a means to liven and lengthen their lives!

What do my health and wellness connections look like?





CIAR refers to the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research.

The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research was the health promotion education provider of choice for the Marine Corps during my tenure, which started in April 1996 and ended in February 2008.

While I earned three CIAR credentials during my Marine Corps tenure, the Health Promotion Director was the only one solely focused on health and wellness. 

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AALC refers to the American Association of LifeStyle Counselors.

The approach of this association was a great idea while it lasted, which, unfortunately, wasn't very long.

It was a multi-disciplinary approach to health and wellness that included behavioral, exercise, and nutrition sciences.

I earned recognition as a LifeStyle Counselor in both Stress Management and Weight Control.



NWI refers to the National Wellness Institute.

At the time of my entry in the ranks of Air Force Health Promotion, the National Wellness Institute was one of the providers of choice.

I completed their Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist certification program in 2016.

Health and Wellness Connections Benefits

Over the years, my health and wellness connections have benefitted me in many ways.

The three things I have most taken advantage of include:

  • In-person training activities

  • Publications / research

  • Continuing education


The Path to Liveliness & Longevity

Your health and wellness journey with me begins with a single step.

That single step is to take action!

Our health and wellness plan of attack for your single step actually includes three steps:

  1. Connect with us – usually an Email or a phone call

  2. Engage with us – read a report or try a seminar

  3. Join our community – become a member of our community