Fitness Proficiency

If you’re here, you’re interested in learning more about my fitness proficiency.

Fitness is one area of my expertise in the realm of movement.

Fitness can be a means to achieving the life you deserve – a livened and lengthened life.

If you’ve visited the home page, you know that’s my WHY.

I am eager to engage with people who are motivated to liven and lengthen their lives!

How have I honed my fitness proficiency?



AP Mentorship Phases.


Let’s start with my experience, which spans two to three decades, and includes both personal and professional fitness proficiency.

Personal Experience

I’ve been a fitness enthusiast since my early high school days, which began in 1983. It started as a way for me to heighten my fitness attributes as a means to improve sport performance. These heightened attributes contributed to success, as evidenced by a number of basketball accomplishments that I achieved during my high school days.

It continues to this day as a way for me to stay active and healthy.

Professional Experience

From my perspective, my professional experience began in 1994 when I completed a three-month internship at the Medical University of South Carolina’s Student Wellness Center. This internship helped me fulfill part of my graduate degree program requirements. After completing my MUSC internship in July, I departed for Guam toward the latter part of August in 1994. I completed a four-month internship in Sports & Fitness aboard Naval Air Station Agana.

Since those beginnings, I have served as the Fitness Director at Headquarters Battalion, Headquarters Marine Corps, Henderson Hall; Manager of Physical Training and Wellness at Frederick County Division of Fire & Rescue Services; Exercise Physiologist at Westover Air Reserve Base; and Health Promotion Program Coordinator for an Air Force installation.

Throughout my career, I have helped countless men and women achieve fitness goals. Three of my proudest accomplishments, which demonstrate my fitness proficiency, include helping a:

  • Marine staff, non-commissioned officer in charge progress from 0 pull-ups to 6 dead-hang pullups in 3 months (USMC PFT does not require dead-hang pullups, that was my requirement)

  • morbidly obese first responder successfully complete an annual work performance evaluation (WPE) after four months of 5-day-per-week training following his initial WPE failure (this individual also lost 77 pounds during those four months and was permitted, by his physician, to stop taking blood pressure and diabetes medications)

  • female Airman progress from 0 push-ups that met my standard to 20 push-ups that met the official Air Force standard in four months


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Another element of my fitness proficiency is professional credentials, which I’m defining as certificates of completion and certifications.

I have held so many certifications and been awarded even more certificates of completion throughout my professional career that I am not going to list them all for the sake of some brevity.

Before listing a few cherished ones, I want to share my motivation for pursing so many certificates of completion and certifications. My primary motivation was my internal drive to improve my knowledge, skills and abilities to become the best fitness professional that I could be. My secondary motivation was to meet job requirements and fulfill continuing education mandates.

My most cherished certification is the first one I ever earned – the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential.

My second most cherished certification is the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator credential.

Another certification that I cherished very much initially was the Performance Enhancement Specialist. Out of a class of 11, myself and one other student were the only ones to take the exam live. The remaining students opted to take the exam online, which allowed them to use course materials during the exam. I eventually let this certification lapse.

In fact, the only certifications that I currently maintain are my three NSCA credentials and two Functional Movement Systems credentials that are very meaningful to me as well. These are my Functional Movement Screen Level1 and the Fundamental Capacity Screen certifications.

AP Mentorship Phases

The final element of my fitness proficiency that I wish to share with you is my mentorship completion.

From 2005 through 2007, I attended three, week-long mentorships at Athletes’ Performance (AP), which is now known as Exos.

AP was, in my humble opinion, and may still be, the finest elite and professional athlete training facility in the United States. 

While no credentials were bestowed, the completion of the Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 AP mentorship levels was the experiential highlight of my professional career.

This is due to two facts.

First, Phase 3 was invite-only at the time I completed it.

Second, I was one of the first 19 people in the world to complete Phase 3.

Note: It would have been 20 people, but our class was short one person. 

The Path to Liveliness & Longevity

Your fitness journey with me begins with a single step.

That single step is to take action!

Our fitness plan of attack for your single step actually includes three steps:

  1. Connect with us – usually an Email or a phone call

  2. Engage with us – read a report or try a seminar

  3. Join our community – become a member of our community

The HomeFit Report

This report will likely be available in August.

Please stay tuned.