Sifu Cass Magda

Sifu Cass Magda is Canadian by birth.

American via transplantation.

World-renowned martial artist and teacher through dedication and perseverance.

Bruce Lee's Inspiration

Magda grew up in Ontario, Canada during the 1960's.

Like many top martial artists, he was inspired by Bruce Lee. The original inspiration was Lee's article, "Liberate Yourself from Classical Karate."

The life-changing inspiration was when the 17-year-old Magda attended four consecutive one-week long martial arts seminars in Colorado conducted by Dan Inosanto.

Inosanto was the best friend and protégé of Bruce Lee, and one of only three men ever to be given permission to teach Bruce Lee's personal art of Jeet Kune Do.

Pursuing JKD

The fire was set and when Magda graduated from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, he headed for Los Angeles, CA to study with Dan Inosanto. 

He was determined to become a “JKD Man.” 

Since he had already met Inosanto and Inosanto was the original chief instructor of Bruce’s Los Angeles Chinatown school, he was the perfect choice to pass on Lee’s art and philosophy.

The Inosanto Era

Magda studied with Inosanto for ten years. 

His studies were exceptionally rigorous and this total immersion and hard work earned him the enviable position of becoming Inosanto’s traveling assistant for six years.

With Inosanto he traveled the globe, met, and trained with the very best in the world of the martial arts.

This position also fueled his intense passion for Filipino and Indonesian martial arts.

An Unrivaled, Battle-Tested Bloodline

Sifu Cass Magda’s pedigree is awe-inspiring!

Besides receiving his Jeet Kune Do training personally from Inosanto, Bruce’s right-hand man, he has also been influenced by many other original Bruce Lee students such as Ted Wong, Richard Bustillo, Bob Bremer, Dan Lee, and Pete Jacobs.

He received his Filipino martial arts training from masters Inosanto, Leo Giron, Lucky Lucaylucay, Sam Tendencia and many others.  

He has trained with the best Silat masters in America - Paul DeThouars and Herman Suwanda - as well as internationally recognized experts, such as Jak Othman.

The Institute & The Association

In 1988, Cass Magda opened the doors of the Magda Institute in Reseda, California.

Seven years later (1995), he founded the Magda Institute Association. 

It has schools in the United States, England, Germany, and Italy. 

Excellence Rewarded

Magda has gained worldwide notoriety as a result of:

  • Conducting seminars in the United States, Canada, Australia, England, Norway, Scotland, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy, and Greece,

  • Appearing in U.S.-based and international martial arts publications like Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Budo, Samurai, Dojo, Budoka, and Cinturon Negro, and

  • Bodyguarding and/or training the likes of rock stars, Nikki Sixx, Ricki Rockett, and Ozzy Ozbourne.

Passion, Philosophy & Personal Development

His passion and attentive teaching style quickly led to the development of a loyal following. 

Magda is a masterful teacher and a philosophical pundit who helps build the character and change the lives of his students.

He believes the martial arts are a superb vehicle to learn not just self-defense but also the philosophies and attitudes that are integral to living a great life.

Peer Ravings About Sifu Cass Magda

Jose M. Fraguas is a noted martial arts author and multiple black belt-holder who knows the members of Jeet Kune Do’s Inner Circle. 

The following are his quotes from the book JKD Conversations:

  • "He is one of the few men privately taught the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts by Dan Inosanto himself.”     

  • "His special understanding of the JKD ‘Inner Circle’ makes Magda one of the most knowledgeable and sought-after JKD instructors on the globe.”

  • "Ever learning, he continues to evolve and change, traveling and receiving instruction from a wide range of remarkable men including the revered guros of the Filipino art of Kali and the Indonesian masters of Pentjak Silat.” 

  • "His careful, thoughtful, and perceptive observations on the art of Bruce Lee and its philosophical, spiritual, and combative applications set him apart as a true heir to the system, and marks him as one of the prime leaders of the modern generation of JKD disciples.”

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