What Benefits and Features Can I Expect?

In other words, what's in it for me?

What benefits and features will I gain by training in martial arts?

Beyond these general questions, I hope you're also asking why would I choose the Hebb Institute of Martial Arts?

Let's begin with the second question first.

Posed another way; it looks like this ...

Is HIMA My Best Choice?

HIMA knows that you have many choices when it comes to activities, hobbies, recreational pursuits and sports. 

Despite the abundance of choices, HIMA is confident that your best choice is martial arts training! 

Why is HIMA martial arts training your best choice?

HIMA martial arts training is your best choice because it provides unmatched benefits and features.  

These are detailed below, but before getting to them, it ALL begins with the HIMA Difference.

The HIMA Difference

HIMA is not your typical martial arts school. 

Our business is not martial arts!

Our business is personal growth and development.

Martial arts is the vehicle that drives our personal growth and development.

The focus at HIMA is to transform lives through martial arts.

What allows HIMA to transform lives?

It’s the HIMA Difference.

What’s the HIMA Difference?

It's many things!

It’s our curriculum.

It’s our arts – Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Muay Thai and Silat.

It’s our ties to the Mecca of Martial Arts.

It’s our founder’s teacher – Sifu / Guro Cass Magda AND his systems.

It’s the principles that you learn.

It’s the philosophy that you see in action.

It’s the habits that you form.

It’s the discipline that you develop.

It’s ALL these things …



Benefits & Features Defined

Merriam-Webster defines a benefit as something that produces good or helpful results or effects or that promotes well-being.

Merriam-Webster defines a feature as a special attraction or to give special prominence to something.

With these definitions in mind, let's explore key benefits and features as they pertain to HIMA.

Key Benefits

Another way to view a benefit is it provides an answer to the question, "What’s in this for me?"

You should be asking yourself, “What can martial arts training do for me?”

The benefits of martial arts training are plentiful. 

Here’s a listing followed by a brief synopsis of five of the most powerful benefits to be derived from HIMA’s training.

  1. Self Defense

  2. Character Development

  3. Fitness and Health

  4. Culture and History

  5. Camaraderie

Self Defense

You will acquire self-defense skills through your training and through the very fabric of the arts you learn. 

You will learn a variety of self-defense skills at each level of training. 

Additionally, the arts you will learn are constructed with self-defense in mind. 

For instance, Pentjak Silat is a "true" self-defense art in that it doesn't have an on-guard position, so to speak. 

Every position is an on-guard position!

Character Development

Martial arts training is an excellent means to developing:

  • alertness,
  • confidence,
  • cooperation,
  • courage,
  • discipline,
  • focus,
  • humility,
  • moral fiber,
  • patience,
  • positive attitude,
  • respect,
  • self esteem, and
  • MORE!

Fitness & Health

The physical nature of martial arts training makes it an excellent vehicle to improving most, if not all, areas of fitness, things such as cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, speed, power, balance, agility and coordination. 

Martial arts training also provides an outstanding cathartic effect that can greatly reduce stress and thereby improve health!

Culture & History

You will be exposed to elements of different cultures through your martial arts training at HIMA. 

Your Pentjak Silat training will expose you to the Indonesian concept of adat and hormat.

Your Kali training will expose you to some historical insight into the development of the Philippines. 

Kali is known for its highly sophisticated use of the stick and dagger. 

While neighboring regions (Indonesia and Malaysia) also use the stick and dagger, the sophistication level is lower. 

History helps explain this because the Philippines battled Spain. 

The Spaniards had highly developed systems of sword fighting, which greatly influenced the development of Kali.


When you become a HIMA student, you become part of the HIMA family.

You also become part of the Magda Institute Association family, which means you’ll have family all over the United States, England, Germany, and Italy.

Additionally, you will develop a special camaraderie with your training partners and fellow students. 

This is due to the fact that close relationships develop between individuals who undergo the process of martial arts training and experience the journey of personal growth.

Key Features

What makes HIMA a special attraction?

What gives special prominence to HIMA? 

What separates a high performance martial arts institute from an average martial arts school?

The features of HIMA answer these questions. 

Here’s a listing followed by a brief synopsis of five of the most powerful features of HIMA.

  1. Higher Learning

  2. Magda Institute Affiliation

  3. Philosophy

  4. Higher Standards

  5. Seamless Integration

Higher Learning

HIMA is the four-state region’s only martial arts Institute of higher learning.  

Like colleges and universities, HIMA provides an education (through martial arts) that serves to aid the growth and development of its students and to prepare its students for the rigors of the real world.  

Like liberal arts colleges, HIMA’s programs of study use education (through martial arts) as an instrument of change to produce well-rounded individuals who can become productive citizens in many different realms of society.

Like universities, HIMA’s curriculum can keep students learning and progressing for quite some time.  In HIMA’s case, an average student may take eight to ten years to complete the entire curriculum.

The bottom line is this – HIMA’s education transforms lives!

The Magda Institute Connection

HIMA is a Magda Institute affiliate and member of the Magda Institute Association that has schools throughout the United States, England, Germany, and Italy.

In fact, HIMA is the ONLY Magda Institute affiliate in the four-state area and one of only a select handful in the entire United States!

As an MI Association affiliate, HIMA delivers the highly coveted curriculum that the Magda Institute has been using to produce high quality martial artists and even higher quality human beings since 1988. 

This feature alone is reason to train at HIMA.

What does this feature mean to you?

Many things!

As stated already, it means you get to learn the same, highly coveted curriculum that is taught at the Magda Institute.

It means that you get high-quality training and a professional atmosphere because HIMA is monitored by the Magda Institute Association. 

It means continuing education for HIMA’s staff and students, as training opportunities with Sifu / Guro Cass Magda are regularly available.

It means possible training opportunities at Magda Institute affiliates in California, New York, and Ohio, as well as England, Germany, and Italy.

Additionally, the Magda Institute connection ensures that you will receive a high quality education that not only re-defines your practice of martial arts, but also transcends the martial arts and inspires you to achieve excellence in other areas of your life as well.


You will encounter a great deal of philosophy as a HIMA student.

The two most important philosophical tenets relate to fighting and learning.

You will learn the Magda Institute Association’s fighting philosophy, which states, “You are the director.  He is the directee.”

You will also learn HIMA’s learning philosophy, which it borrows from Pete Jacobs (a Bruce Lee student).  It states, “You are a partner in a journey of knowledge and its application, rather than someone's disciple for personal or organizational glorification.”

Higher Standards

HIMA truly believes that the martial arts are the ultimate personal development vehicle. 


Because the martial arts have the potential to develop the mind, body, and spirit.  In other words, martial arts can develop the whole individual.

With this in mind, HIMA has higher learning standards than most schools.

As a HIMA student, you will have to meet these standards in order to progress to the next level of learning.  

Standards apply to many things, such as attendance, physical conditioning, physical skills, knowledge of the arts, and many other things.

HIMA’s higher standards, which focus on the integrated and simultaneous development of the mind, body, and spirit, truly make martial arts the ultimate personal development vehicle. 

These higher standards also insure that you earn your rank.  By earning your rank, you will develop positive habits that will help you achieve great things in other areas of your life.

Seamless Integration

While there are some martial arts schools that teach only one style, the days of this being the norm are long gone. 

It is much more common for schools to offer training in several styles. 

While HIMA certainly advocates training in multiple styles, it feels that integration is important to creating a quality learning experience.

The Phase Curriculum taught at the Hebb Institute of Martial Arts is a system of mixed martial arts (Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Muay Thai and Silat) that has been integrated since its inception in 1988. 

It has been practically researched, time tested, and results driven since 1988.

These factors have led to seamless integration in the Phase Curriculum.

From this seamless integration comes an uncanny ability to compare and contrast arts, which can be witnessed in the Cultural Curriculum.

The seamless integration of the system has been producing high-quality martial artists and human beings for nearly three decades!

Your Best Choice

As you already know, HIMA is well aware that you have many choices when it comes to activities, hobbies, recreational pursuits and sports. 

You now know about the HIMA difference!

Additionally, you now know about HIMA’s benefits and features.

Therefore, you now know that HIMA is clearly your best choice.

Where are you going to find the same powerful benefits and features that HIMA delivers?

You may be thinking, “At the Magda Institute!”

You are correct!

But, where are you going to find the same powerful benefits and features in the four-state region?

Nowhere …

… but HIMA!

Solutions Await

When you become a HIMA student, you can be confident that you will see tangible results because HIMA provides martial arts solutions that:

  • Develop your self-defense skills,

  • Improve your physical fitness,

  • Provide you with a stress-relieving outlet, and

  • Stimulate your personal growth and development

through a practically-researched, time-tested, results-driven system that is delivered by passionate professionals to produce martial artists who excel in life.

To begin your transformation NOW, contact us here or call 240-382-0912.

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