An Investment In Yourself

That’s what enrolling in HIMA is …

It’s an investment in yourself!

Our martial arts are the ultimate vehicle for personal growth and development because they provide a holistic system that will train your mind, body, and spirit.

Collectively, these elements make you who you are. 

These elements are your personal assets.

These assets are what you'll tap into to succeed in school, at work, in sports, and in life.

By enrolling in the Hebb Institute of Martial Arts, you are making an investment in yourself. 

You are not merely spending money on martial arts training.

And you are certainly not wasting money on a useless endeavor.

No indeed!

You are investing your time, money, and energy to develop your personal assets.  

By developing your assets, you will gain the confidence and determination to succeed in your training and in your life.

Invest For The Long Haul

Enrolling in our martial arts training programs is a long-term investment strategy that will guide you along your path of success in martial arts and life. 

Martial performance is an investment in yourself!

It's an investment in your future! 

It’s an investment that you will reap dividends from for the remainder of your life. 

It’s an investment in your physical, mental and spiritual health. 

You will become more confident and productive. 

This confidence and productivity will extend to all areas of your life – school, work, home, social settings, etc.

From our perspective, the two most important principles of investing are investing for the long haul and investing for return on investment. 

While investing in a 6-month or 12-month program of martial studies may seem like a good choice, it's akin to buying a stock that you think will help your retirement goals and selling it 6 or 12 months later.

It's likely that you've left much untapped potential on the table. In other words, your return on investment was smaller than it could have been.

Short-term investments rarely get us where we want to be in martial arts or life.

You can also invest in a cheaper and shorter program and receive little to no return on your investment. 

Or you can invest in a costlier and lengthier program and receive returns beyond your wildest dreams. 

This program will change your mindset and give you a new approach to every aspect of your life.

Previous Experience Does Not Matter

If you have never studied martial arts, HIMA is the perfect place to start. 

Consider yourself a blank canvas and our program the artist.

From an art perspective, you can become anything. 

From a martial perspective, you don’t have any bad habits. 

The possibilities are so exciting!

If you are an experienced student of the martial arts, we are still the perfect place; as long as you are capable of doing one thing.

You must be willing to empty your cup (forget what you know) and become an unsaturated sponge yearning to soak up everything that our program offers. 

With the correct attitude and drive, your possibilities are equally exciting!

Regardless of your experience level, all we want is for you to begin your experience with us by setting aside any preconceived limitations or notions. 

We want you to look at us through fresh, unbiased eyes and envision what you want to achieve. 

Do not set limits on what you can accomplish! 

We have worked with accomplished martial artists who still manage to grow and improve through our program. 

You can do it too!

Effort Will Overcome Awkwardness

Do you remember the first time you ever tried to ride a bike? 

It wasn’t easy was it? 

Anytime you do something new or quite different from what you're used to, it’s going to feel awkward at first. 

You must not get discouraged! 

You must stay the course! 

Time, patience, and practice will ensure slow, but steady improvement. 

Our martial arts program may present movement difficulties and feelings of awkwardness at the outset, but your perseverance will lead to more coordinated and skilled movement. 

Even many accomplished martial artists feel a little challenged at first. 

What allows these martial artists to become adept is their willingness to make a concerted effort. 

We are asking you to make that same concerted effort.

Our Covenant

Once a prospective student has completed our membership process and is accepted into the HIMA family, he or she signs a martial covenant pledging maximum effort and commitment to improving quality of life. 

After all, what’s more important than that?

As a prospective student, we want you to know that nothing is accomplished without making a commitment.

In other words, you will achieve nothing if you don't make an investment in yourself.

So, do that now! 

Make an investment in yourself by initiating the membership process.

Contact us now to get started.

The martial covenant awaits your signature.

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